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Panda's Journey To Skinny

Nursing School :)

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Well I made it through my 1st day back. WOW what homework we have. I am not sure I will be able to do it this term.
Well on 8/29/05 I will begin my clinical rotation for the LPN program. I am sooo nervous. If I make it I entend to enroll in the RN program. I couldn't believe how expensive books were for this term. Over $400.00 holy lord. I about fainted. I still have to buy one more that they were out of my math meds book. Then then uniform and other supplies. Wow lots of money to shell out this time. Not to speak of the gas money I will be having to pay with the gas prices being $2.79. Well heres wishing us all luck!!
10/4/05 As those of you that have been through or are going through the nursing program can probably guess I don't get much time to get in here and update things anymore. This year is hard. Most of the people are saying that Pharmacology is hard. I am pulling B's in there. Granted I was more of an A student with an occasional B. But I am happy with the grades I am gettinginthere so far. I haven't put a ton of studying into the class. I just have no time. To many classes. Midterms are the week of the 17th. I am sooooo not ready. They are all on the same day except for one which is the next day. I have got to find a way to buckle down and really study for these. Wish me luck.