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Panda's Journey To Skinny

Mini Goals

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Mini goals before I reach the big one!!


I started this journey to skinny on June 11th of 05. I weighed 245 lbs at the time. Being fed up with the way my body looked and felt I knew I had to really do something this time. So I searched a bunch of web sites until I decided this time I am doing my own thing. By the all the charts you read my body weight should be between 135-150 lbs. So I set my 1st large goal in my mind of 150 lbs. But I was once 125 lbs and to me that would be awesome if I could get there again. But if I only make the 150 lbs. I will still be VERY happy considering where I started at. With all that said I decided to set up some "mini goals" waiting until July 5th of 06 to see if I am 150 lbs is way to long. And I am the kind of person that likes to feel as if I am acheiving something. I don't know about you but they really make me feel good about myself if I reach them.
Reach 240 by 7/1/05   DID IT!
Reach 230 by 8/1/05   Made on 8/6/05 still good
Reach 225 by 8/27/05 DID IT! Was 223.2 this AM
Reach 220 by 9/5/05   GOT R DONE! Was 216.6 this AM
Reach 210 by 10/5/05
Reach 200 by 11/5/05
Reach 190 by 12/5/05
I picked the 5th of each month because my anniversary is on the 5th of March. I am hoping to look good enough to get into a bathing suit and take a trip with my soul mate.

I won't let the fat win this time. I WILL BE SKINNY!!