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Panda's Journey To Skinny

Daily Food and Thoughts

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Here I will try to record my food & thoughts each day.



Mon. 10/3/05


Snacks-few baby carrots

Dinner-2 potato bread with fat free cheese sandwiches & a bowl on very low cal onion soup(more like broth)



WOW a 2.2 gain. What the heck!! I am trying hard to get back on track. I have not done good these past 20 days or so. I lose a pound then I gain it back. I can’t seem to get over this hump. I have slacked off way to much. I have to push myself way harder.


Sun. 10/2/05


Snacks-bite size candy bar

Dinner-1 slice of pizza & a large bowl of left over home made chicken soup



Was happy with the weight loss as of this AM. Always like to see the minus on the scale.


Sat. 10/1/05



Dinner-2 potato bread, turkey, & fat free mayo sandwiches



Went to bump & run so I was off my eating pattern. But I managed to not eat anything bad for me today.


Fri. 9/30/05



Dinner-3 slices of pizza



Missed school today. So I am really mad at myself. I kept myself busy cleaning all day.


Thur. 9/29/05



Dinner-2 bowls of home made chicken soup



I had 2 bowls of soup. I know I shouldn’t have. That is why I try not to make anything good these days. I just can’t say no.


Wed. 9/28/05


Snacks-beef jerky, way too many grapes

Dinner-few pieces of ring bologna and crackers



I didn’t have time to make anything for myself to eat so I just grabbed so ring bologna I had cut up for the family. I know I shouldn’t have eaten it but I had to have something. Then I ate almost a whole bag of grapes. Way to much sugar and I know it. What is going on with me. Don’t I want to lose any more weight or what?!?


Tue. 9/27/05



Dinner-chicken fried rice & fortune cookie



Had to treat myself to some Chinese so of course you know I ordered the large. I only ate half but then later I ate the other half. I just can’t turn down food. It seems to have control over me.

Mon. 9/26/05
Snacks-grape tomatoes, grapes
Late PM snack-peanuts

Felt good all day again. Didn't like the gain I have had the past few
days though. Will have to get back on track now.

Sun. 9/25/05
Dinner-a little bit of a lot of things, even tasted 2 different
Late PM snack- potato bread sandwich with turkey and fat free mayo,
small bag of sour cream & chive potato skin chips

We were at my family reunion today so I was again off my eating
pattern. Still felt good though.

Sat. 9/24/05
Snacks- potato bread sandwich with turkey and fat free mayo, bananas
Dinner-potato bread sandwich with turkey and fat free mayo

Felt really good today. We were at a bump and run do I didn't have a
set dinner or time to eat.

Fri. 9/23/05
Snacks-Grapes, grape tomatoes
Dinner-honey BBQ chicken tenders from Wal-Mart, baked potato with
cheese and broccoli

Wasn't hungry at all today. Felt pretty good all day. Very tired

Thursday 9/22/05
Snacks-grape tomatoes, green peppers, baby carrots, have a bag of $0.99
Dinner- 5 mini egg rolls and very small amount of onion rings

Was hungry a lot today. Was unhappy with my weight this AM. There was
no gain but was still thinking that I would see more of a loss.

Tuesday 9/20/05
Snacks-green peppers, grape tomatoes, grapes
Dinner- 2 left over KFC wings
Late PM snack-Arby reg. sand.

I was in a town that had Arby's(we don't have them by me) so I had to
have the Sand. It was Soooooo good. I love Arby's. And I hadn't had
that much to eat for the day. SO it is all good.


Monday 9/19/05
Snacks-grapes, green pepers

Dinner-1 thigh from KFC, small helping of mashed potatoes & gravy,
small helping of Mac & cheese, 1 biscuit

I know I ate to much at one sitting but you can't always say no can
you?!? PLus it was good. Wasn't hungry today at all.

Sunday 9/18/05
Snacks-grapes & baby carrots


Wasn't hungry today even though I chose not to eat dinner. Had to
many gain backs last week. Need to get back on the wagon this week.


Saturday 9/17/05

Snacks-2 bananas
Dinner-glazed ham(8 slices), mashed potatoes, & corn

Was pretty hungry today. I did cut wood again. I was beat and think I
fell in and out of sleep while I was studying starting at around 7pm.


Fri. 9/16/05
Breakfast- oatmeal
Snacks- grapes, baby carrots, banana, of a waffle with sugar free
Dinner, deep fried cod, 6 fries, roll
Water- lots

Cut fire wood today. Hoping to burn off some fat. I ate more than
normal today. Still wanting to nibble.


Thurs. 9/15/05
Breakfast- oatmeal
Snacks- Grapes
Dinner- 2 McChickens
Water- some

Wasn't hungry today. Felt good all day.

Wednesday 9/14/05
Dinner-2 portabella burgers in fat free wraps.

Was to busy today to even think about snacking. It is all good. Went
to the Dr.'s today. Her scale said 214 lbs. That is with clothes mine
said 212.8 lbs. It is slowly coming off.


Tuesday 9/13/05
Snacks-half of a wrap & 2 bites of mac salad
Dinner-KFC X-crispy chicken leg & a few bites of a breast, very small
helping of mashed potatoes & gravy, and a cornbread muffin
Late PM snack-small McDonalds cone

Ate a lot today but wasn't hungry. Just wanted to nibble.


Monday 9/12/05
Snacks-grapes, apple slices
Dinner-4 slices of pizza & 2 bread sticks
Late Pm snack-1 tiny slice of pizza & a glass of milk

Felt good all day. A bit hungry in school.


Sunday 9/11/05
Snacks-apple slices
Dinner-last of left over fried chicken wings

Wasn't hungry at all.


Saturday 9/10/05

Snacks-a few bites of roast beef, ham, a potato, and a pumpkin cake
thingy, also 2 cabbages rolls
Dinner-fried chicken wings
water lots

Felt good all day. Wanted to snack again today.

Friday 9/9/05
Dinner-corn on the cob, fried wings
Dessert-home made zucchini bread and a very small brownie

Felt sick yesterday night. Not sure what that was about. Not to
hungry but did want to snack at night time.


Thursuday 9/8/05
Snacks-baby carrots, 1 oz. cashews
Dinner-last of the left over roasted chicken & noodles

Felt good today. Was tired but that is going to be all the time now
that I am in school again.

Wednesday 9/7/05
Dinner-bacon cheese burger, a small helping of chicken stir fry and
fried rice

Felt really good all day. Not hungry at all.
Tue. 6th
Dinner-left over shrimp fried rice
Was a bad day as far as how I felt. I was very depressed today. I know I took it out on others too.
Mon. 5th
Snacks-mushrooms, baby carrots
Dinner-shrimp fried rice
Felt great today. Not hungry at all. Was tired from only having 4 hrs. sleep.
Sun. 4th
Snacks-grapes, egg roll
Dinner-left over roasted chicken & noodles
Felt pretty good all day. I worked my butt off today. I did snack on some grapes quite late but I was very hungry at was still st work.
Sat. 3rd
Snacks-2 fried eggs
Dinner-McChicken & apple dipper with out the sauce
Was a bit hungry today but I had to eat dinner way earlier than I am use to. So we will see if I can make it through the night tonite with out snacking.
Fri. 2nd
Snacks-some left over roasted chicken
Dinner-roasted chicken & beef noodles
Wasn't hungry at all during the day. In fact I had to foarce myself to eat and had forgotten to eat my breakfast within 1 hr. of waking. I finally ate it about 2 1/2 hrs. after I got up. I walked some while I was garage saleing.
Thur. 1st
Snacks-grapes,mushroom, cucumber, baby carrots& fat free dipping sauce
Dinner-small bowl of chili with crackers

Wasn't to hungry today. I think the sugar from the fruit helps.

Wed. 31st
Dinner-left over fried chicken a breast, thigh, & wing & 1 roll

Did seem as hungry today at all. But then I wasn't in school today

Tue. 30th
Snacks-sliced apples & baby carrots
Dinner-2 pcs of chicken & 2 rolls
Was pretty hungry all day today. I have been thinking about eating something for the last few hours. I really want another piece of chicken. It tasted so good. I am sick of not starving myself all the time but I want to lose the weight. So I will remain hungry for now.
Mon. 29th
Dinner-3 hot dogs no bun, 1 helping of mac & cheese, a few chunks of cucumbers
I was so very hungry today. Today was my 1st day of school and I took cucumbers & baby carrots wit me but I guess it wasn't enough. I was so hungry I thought I was going to be sick.
Sun. 28th
Snacks-1oz. cashews
Dinner-McChicken & apple dippers no sauce
I forgot to take my cucumebrs & baby carrots to work with me. But I was good and only ate 1oz. of cashews. But I was starving the whole night probably cuz I knew I couldn't eat anything.
Sat. 27th




Dinner-some roast pig, some roasted fish, a little macaroni salad, corn on the cob, and a small slice of German choc. Cake



We went to a pig roast today. Was there from 1pm until 11pm. I was good I only took one plate of food and I didn’t even eat it all. I didn’t drink my water intake since I didn’t want to have to run to the bathroom all day. They also had mud bogs there. I really had a blast. And I never felt hungry except right before they served their food. I walked quite a bit off and on around the property.

Fri. 26th
Dinner-3 pcs of cod, few bites of cole slaw, one roll
So far so good on the PM eating. But the night isn't over yet.
Thur. 25th
snacks-cucumber, baby carrots
Dinner-2 coneys 
Late Pm snack-3 1/4 coneys no bun
Just couldn't leave the food alone again tonite damn it that is really making me mad.
Wed. 24th
Snacks-baby carrots, cucumber, 1 oz. cashews
Dinner-McChicken, apple dippers no sauce
Late PM snack-canned salmon
I was a FAT FAT PIGGY I had to eat when I got home. I hope that I don't see another plus on the scale tomorrow!!
Tue. 23rd
Dinner-meatloaf, mashed potatoes, & Corn
Water-not enough
Late PM snack-94% fat free popcorn, no sugar added ice cream & a slice
of sugar free sponge cake

Wasn't hungry today but just wanted to pick at something at night. I
ate the most sensable things I could find but still ended up gaining. I
need to stop my night time snacks. I don't do them often but when I do
I always gain.
Mon. 22nd
Breakfast-diet sugar free oatmeal
Dinner-1/2 mini pizza & one cinn. stick
Water about 1/2 waht I should have
Late PM snack-other 1/2 of mini pizza
Been starving the whole day. I feel asleep like 8pm on the couch. GOt
up at 12am. If I would have just climbed into bed I would have been
fine but no I had to eat something. I better make sure to do my 8MM
Sun. 21st
Breakfast-diet sugar free oatmeal
Dinner-Salmon steak, baked potatoe with sour cream & butter
Water-quite a bit
Wasn't hungry at all. No cheating at work thank goodness.
Sat. 20th
Breakfast-diet sugar free oatmeal
Dinner-small slice of meat loaf, very small piece of fish, boiled cabbage with 1/2 TBS of cheese sauce, cooked baby carrots, corn bread muffin, cesar salad, dessert-very very small slice of moose pic with nuts and ice cream
Water still drinking it
Wasn't hungry at all today. Probably cuz I pigged out yesterday.
Fri. 19th
Breakfast-diet surgar free oatmeal
Snacks-left over shrimp fried rice,
Dinner-spagetti and 1 piece of garlic toast
Water-still drinking it
Late pm snack-left over roast
Was hungry today. I had the fried rice kind of as a lunch. 1st time in like a month that I have had a lunch. Really depressed about the no weight loss in 4 days now. Want to cheat bad. Might have some sugar free ice cream & cake for a treat tonite.(Didn't eat that)
Thur. 18th
Breakfast-diet sugar free oatmeal
Snacks-other 1/4 of sub
Dinner-3/4's of a 10" veggie sub
Water-maybe 1/2 what I should have
Didn't feel hungry today until late in the evening. If I had gone to bed like I should have I wouldn't have eaten the other 1/4 of that sub.
Wed. 17th
Breakfast-diet sugar free oatmeal
Snacks-cucumber, 3 or 4 nuts, Teqila Rose 3 oz's
Dinner-McChicken & Apple dippers No carmel sauce
Water-maybe 1/2 what I should have
I wanted to cheat so bad today. I almost did. But I was good and didn't. Today I have felt fat all day. Not sure why.
Tue. 16th
Breakfast-diet sugar free oatmeal
Dinner-shrimp fried rice & my fortune cookie
water-3/4 what I should have had
I felt pretty good all day. Not hungry once. Which is great. Felt like I could have eaten more at dinner but didn't. My new thing is nt eating all that is on my plate. I always leave a little. Just something I am trying. It can't hurt.
Breakfast-diet sugar free oaltmeal
Snacks-1 cucumber
Dinner-deep fried cod,  2 bites of a baked potatoe
Water-not enough
Was soooo very tired today. went to the driving range and hits balls after dinner for about 1hr 30min. Then came home and went to sleep.
Sun. 14th
Breakfast-diet sugar free oatmeal
Dinner-piece of left over roast, helping of potatoes, and a few cooked
Felt pretty hungry today. But I am not eatting will be off to bed here in a sec. I have to work in the AM. Should have already went to bed. A lady at work made her and I a home made dinner. How was I going to tell her that I couldn't eat it. It looked wonderful. But I got lucky I took 2 bites of the corn on the cob and one of a BBQ beef sandwich with
green peppers and onions(made was it good) then I got busy at work and when she wasn't looking I tossd the food out. Felt like crap for doing it but I wasn't going to ruing my diet. People are always bringing me food. I must look hungry or something.
Sat. 13th
Breakfast-diet sugar free oatmeal
Dinner-small piece of roast, a very large helping of potatoes, and a few cooked carrots
Late PM snack-another piece of roast(was hungry)
Felt good today. Actually didn't feel hungry until late this evening about 11:30pm. And if I had been in bed like I should have been I wouldn't have eaten a thing. I was happy the scale had a minus today. Even though it was only 12 oz's it is still a loss. It all gets me closer to my goal. No exercise today. Heck I did a whole lot of nothing. Didn't even get my house work done I wanted to. Was a very lazy day.
Fri. 12th
Breakfast-diet sugar free oatmeal
Snacks-hand full baby carrots & cucumbers, tuna sandwich
Dinner-2 1/2 pieces of cod & five fries
Late Pm snack-1/2 cup sugar free ice cream & slice of sugar free sponge cake
Water-some not enough yet
I wasn't hungry at all today. I ate extra stuff like the tuna sand. because I thought I was going to cut fire wood. But we didn't end up doing it. So I hope the scale won't show me a plus in the morning. I do believe he water in take really helps. The days that I drink the most, the next morning I see minus's on the scale. So most diff. drink that water. As I sit here and type I feel fat. Just knowing I ate more than I burned off today. I will have to exercise extra hard tomorrow for sure.
Thurs. 11th
Breakfast-diet sugar free oatmeal
Snacks-cucumbers, baby carrots, 1/2 oz. cashews
Dinner-10" veggie sub(only ate about 8")
Haven't been to hungry today. I am now but it is close to bedtime. Am hoping to see a minus on the scale in the morning. Didn't exercise. I just can't make myself do it. I will keep trying.
Wed. 10th
Breakfast-diet sugar free oatmeal
snacks-cucumbers, baby carrots, 1 bag of 94% fat free popcorn
Dinner-3mini steaks
I was starving most of the day today. If I would have just gone to bed I would have had the stupid popcorn. Maybe I would have lost a pound. Instead I am the same weight for 3 days now. I have to get my butt exercising.

I won't let the fat win this time. I WILL BE SKINNY!!